Sharing Thoughts to a Thoughtless Individual

Wondering about how many times we have thoughts in our mind and whom to share them with. Overall when you don’t have no one to share it with, you always run into a thoughtless individual who seems to care about their own problems. Even though you are the anti-dope you still continue to try and share your deepest most powerful thoughts to the ones that you know doesn’t even think to recognize your adoptive thoughts. What I mean is your thought is yours until you meet senseless people that could change the way you think. Which could have you believing, instead of overcoming  your vision…Now you choose to adopt a pattern that takes you time to recognize because you listened to the blind person who wanted to hinder you from making it to the top. The moral of this thought process is…let them continue to not listen and wear the veil over their eyes, because it wasn’t meant for you to tell or for them to see anyways.

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Overcoming Fears

When you wake in the mornings, the First thing you should do is grab your favorite refreshing breakfast to get your day started. Make sure you find your daily pen and pad because nowadays we trust our electronics. The reason I choose an authentic way is because it’s a exercise to help your entire hand to function when demonstrating within your finger tip technique in writing. Next write down your biggest fear that is hindering you as a still body. We all face things or people in our lives that remains invisible to us but visible others. Take this challenge and surf through your intelligence until you enter the stage of having the guts to move forward. In order to be great…you have to stop tracing the outlines of life and persuade the idealistic of reality.

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Choice of Words

We sometime like to speak our mind when we feel the need too. Even though a voice may whisper otherwise toward keeping your choice of words to a minimum. Some people react with anger because the response is not clearly spoken.  As of becoming a brilliant compromising individual…. you have to think about why you have certain conversation with different people. Our choice of words can hurt the person that is’t use too certain ways of speaking or help someone to progress in their life. Start challenging yourself within counting your verbal expectations instead of  diluting the common factors that could adjust a person personality. When you was born did you have a choice or you spoke whatever came out your mouth? Think about it…. Now when you learned about people emotional and physical well beings…. Did you assume that everyone could relate to what you were saying? Be cautious on a response by the way you present your choice of words to people because those same words could come back and hunt you or make you feel like a Charity.

connections with people

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The World in a Different Place

As I keep my eyes open until I can finally go to sleep, I think about things that don’t seem to match in my life. It’s my face on the wrong body, my thoughts in the wrong brain, the idea of knowing who I suppose to be and I’m not. The time I’ve wasted trying to figure out what I really need to accomplish, the embarrass moments that I shouldn’t be ashamed of, most of the entire genuine person I suppose to be as an individual. I wonder how many people see these things in their life like I do. Yes, it’s has to be numerous of us because every day is a struggle for someone or something that’s going on that we are so much afraid to share it with someone that needs to be told.

    We have to empty ourselves to refill a part of us all over again. I actually believe no one thinks about living in the world in a different place because if so, we would be where we should be. It’s a lot of things that hinders us from being in that place where we have no stress or worries pertaining to living a wealthy and healthy life. Now ask yourself a question, what bother you so much that you can’t move to the next level? Or what sacrifice your willing to take to answer the questions that you never asked yourself?

     I thought it would be loyal to sit here and write something that most of us could relate to because right now I’m living in the world in a different place, it’s the same place where I can’t move like I need to. It’s plenty of us in the same situation but never know which roads to take to get there. If you never communicate, how would you know who will point you in the right direction or understand that you have some kind of effort on going to the place you dream of. So we all have a tolerance level, a communication status, force of being impatient, and a lack of opening up to someone that can show more gratitude than attitude.

How many of us operate to appreciate things that really matter to us? Is it to the point where you feel like you can pat yourself on the back or it’s an option of which you choose in life toward knowing what appreciation means to you. We all have our days of changing, being emotional, thinking about things that others haven’t thought of and making a decision within failure or succeeding. Stop and close your eyes and try to feel a breeze that maybe floats pass your sense of embodied as a human being. The reason why I asked this because we all know that the weather change and the environment in your house does the same thing, it’s either the heat or air is on or off. Now pay attention and grasp from the effect of switching your body elements of knowing about resisting your body to keep it balance. Listen to your surrounding and write what you heard and think about how you felt at that moment of experiencing the world in a different place without any interruptions. So imagine this is your everyday way of living and try to understand the outcome of being delivered from all things that you have been through in your past. The thought of this is not to worry if you can’t control something and stop stressing about things you can’t change because all go through things no matter how rich or poor you are. It’s always a limit no matter what and that’s what you have to always think about.

     Don’t try to hurt people feelings because you have that faulty energy that has you thinking that it will energize you. Think about if you were he or she at that moment learns to crush the habit of not Seeing Eye to eye with someone. Learn to not give in or give up even though there’s a time when you feel like you have to because you don’t. Jobs are very important to people to make a living but to others it’s a solution toward making a way to get by, a saying, or excuse. What I’m saying is the word JOB means Just Option able believing as in it’s an option on the way you maintain your working ethics, skills, or handle that position.

     Okay if you know that you came to that Job for a certain position and it doesn’t pay all half of all 4 corners of your life that means that you need to think about a talent that could carry the overall of all 5. The 4 corners and the middle in which could be a considered option to breath all fresh air. Having a negative side about where you top out at meaning it could help you are hinder you to surrender things that you don’t know how to appreciate? The thought of working in an environment where you’re not comfortable only put you in a place where it’s not for you. We all have different talent but sometimes we decide to use someone to think it will better their resource.

    That’s why we have to use some critical thinking to put a life within us that we haven’t experience before. Hopefully one day after racking all our changes into a pile it will help you to understand the concept of the world in a different place. So many people are afraid and distracted by others who do things differently in an organized format, but I took time to sort out the steps of a mindset to distribute the outcome of sacrificing. The world was basically departed toward movement within changes, differences, and experience to reunite the ways of survival because we all were created to modify numerous of categories. Although some things are so surprising that’s why we have to understand the method of expect the unexpected as in preparing yourself.

    As I go through life like interviewing different culture of people ummm…in their eyesight I’m just this average individual but in my own mind, I am definitely a professional journalist within seeking the foundation of expanding within entrepreneur statistics. I wonder how many people besides me living in the local world see themselves like this, I’ll wait…I believe numerous. Eventually the people with the hidden talent will find themselves being exposed for the good things they say and do because it’s probably not their time but soon it will be. Now let me explain soon to you….I knows one thing for sure, soon doesn’t have a date nor time so your mindset should be patients because it’s a virtue. Yes we all have dreams, goals, and plenty of ideas but it takes effort toward believing and encouraging yourself to make that success to run like a waterfall. The idea of not allowing the next negative person to step on your feet to close a door that’s always been open for you and all you have to do is go in.

    It’s hard to see it because it’s invisible like your everyday life. When will you start go through the right invisible doors and stop going in to the doors that appears in front of you….now that’s a food for thought. Living in a life that take major steps to organize can help season a taste that’s required. Although some of the unbearable moments try to take you away from seeking the right area of knowledge, take time out to think what should be your next level of growth without shrinking the life that god has promised you. The outcome of analyzing two people is a method of building one strong individual which are you.

   Imagine the world was made into one big house in which you know in reality that we all couldn’t fit in, next think about how much space you will have to make changes when being surrounding by different culture of people. Although you hearing all kind of languages, how would you survive if that’s was the option of living. Now meditate on that since we live in the free world and still can’t maintain the mind over matter. Finally after giving the people 75% of my insider world of relaxed sculpture, this is a creative way of knowing the knowledge of intelligence that’s living in the regular world that experience things on a daily basis. I meet different people every day but I don’t actually think people can actually adapt to a person like the reflection of their mirror.

    There’s a big possibility that someone don’t understand how to act like the person in front of them and the person you’re standing in front of don’t understand the method this is how they respond to others. It’s called living in the world in a different place because it’s invisible to you.

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Where Did I GO WRONG

Where Did I Go Wrong

Where did I go wrong
What didn’t I do right
Everyday is a Sacrifice
Everyday a person lose there life
Because they gave up a fight
They gave up to strive
To be the better person for today
Than they where yesterday
Maybe because to much was in their way
Maybe it was to much in that day
Where did I go Wrong
When it’s a blessing to see another day
Maybe I took to much time
Maybe I allowed my talent to pass away
Why didn’t I change
After I had so many chances
Why do I turn away
Why do we get second chances
Where did I go wrong
To have a struggling life
Was it the moves I made
Or did I not think to think twice
Where did I go wrong
What I didn’t do right
To choose my talents
Or understand how to have a good life
Why I had to do things on my own
But no one was there to help me
People move for others
While I had to drown through life
Who was there for me when I needed help
I felt like I was a burden to people
I felt like I was the only one by myself
What did I do wrong
What didn’t I do right
People always treated me wrong
People always tried to take me and my kids from our self
As I think about my life and what we went through
I wonder did they ever think about we were human too
What did we do wrong
What didn’t we do right
It’s a lot that went wrong
But I seen others who didn’t earn their stripes
A lot of people got chances
We only got misunderstandings
I wonder did they ever think
How many times we was left standing
But we didn’t do anything wrong
We always knew to do right
It seemed like me and my kids done chapters
But people always gave us a fight
No matter where we went or the places we stayed
It always be the cruel one disrespecting our fav
We payed attention to so many devils that crossed our path
They pretended to be god watchers but took our kindness for grants
This is a true factor and I have lined all them up from our days of struggle we did not give up
I have 3 children and 3 grands one day we all will be happy and people will understand
The struggle was real dealing with people with no heart but we always loved each other and no one can tear us apart
My jobs didn’t care
The landlords was unfair
They took away my time with my kids
They grew up without me
But I still tried to show them that I will always be there
I thought I was doing right
By voicing my honesty
I worked so hard
Even showed my loyalty
So what did I do wrong as of being a single mother
Besides standing up for my children and being a strong woman to push them further
Now you tell me where did I go wrong.
     By: Nekisha Robinson
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Dedicated: To A Decreased Love One
A flower that bloom
The  smell of your perfume
The flower that we watered
It reminds us of you
Those blooming flowers you are
Perfect in color
We will miss & love you
Because you was our one & only wonderful mother
We will continue to be your stems
We will continue to Live & Grow
We will remember your smile
We will cherish your glow
You raised us to be strong
But you left us to soon
You will always be our flower, perfect in color
                     BY: NEKISHA S. ROBINSON
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The Nerd on the Block

via The Nerd on the Block

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